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  • King Philip Water Treatment Facility

    North Raynham Water District

    North Rayham, MA

    Winston Builders recently completed the construction of a new greensand filtration facility for the North Raynham Water District that provides its residents with up to 1.28 million gallons per day of high quality water. The facility treats four of the district’s wells and is primarily designed to remove high levels of iron and manganese from their water. As part of the project an existing packed tower Aerator was also modified. The aerator drives off carbon dioxide, raising the pH of the water to improve its treatability. The Aerator also provides protection against volatile organic compounds if they enter the raw water. The key project features are as follows:

    • New 3, 750 square foot treatment facility
    • Four greensand pressure filters
    • 250 KW L.P. generator
    • New 600 foot deep rock well
    • 4, 400 feet of new 8” raw water mains
    • Renovation of and existing pump station and aerator
    • Upgraded SCADA System
  • 55 Hopkinton Rd.
  • Westboro, MA 01581
  • (508) 366-1767-Office